What to Look for When Choosing Reiki Classes

This article is intended to help you in your choice of Reiki classes. It answers the question of what to look for when choosing Reiki classes. It does not impose anything on you but brings you some elements to support your choice.
It is never very obvious to determine if training is good or bad, or simply if it or your future teacher will suit you.

Reiki is a wonderful energetic technique, tools for global harmonization and personal development, sometimes tainted by the actions of unscrupulous practitioners and/or trainers.

I, therefore, draw your attention to elements which, in my opinion, are imperative in determining your choice.

Pay attention to the following points:
1. As a first step, your future teacher must be able to present his Reiki lineage and certificates that will attest to his teachings. This means that his knowledge has been passed on to him and that he has the skills to train you.

2. He or she must indicate his/her “filiation” from the initiator of the technique (Mikao Usui in most cases) to himself, through his teacher, the teacher’s teacher, etc …

Then a good, respectful and ethical trainer will have a legal status with state agencies. (Professional civil liability, liberal profession, company …)

Being a teacher/trainer is a real job, and I insist on this point.
Therefore, it seems fundamental to be able to present the educational program of his or her training (s).

You can consult examples of viable educational programs on the federations’ websites, as well as tariff indications. (The prices offered by your future trainer should not be too cheap or too high).

I also advise you to contact your future trainer. It is important that you feel confident and that his words match you. An ethical teacher will answer your questions with complete transparency.

You can, if you wish, have a session in advance to familiarize yourself with the technique and your future teacher, find out if it meets your expectations.
If you regret a past choice and want to continue with the following Reiki degree/level, do not hesitate to change the teacher. Contrary to what is often heard, there is no obligation of loyalty to him. There is nothing to force you to resume training from scratch with the new Reiki teacher. If he imposes this condition on you, it’s probably because you have not met the right person yet.

From experience, I also advise focussing training sessions not exceeding 10 students for a trainer. The learning of Reiki requires a real accompaniment and a real listening of his students.

Regarding the financial support of Reiki training, do not panic. Indeed, Reiki is still on the road to the true recognition of the state. A good trainer will not necessarily have the approval for such support.